A Fresh Look

I’m kind of obsessed with beauty products. Which is why, Sephora is one of my favorite destinations for many of the cosmetic brands I absolutely adore. So, of course I signed up as a Beauty Insider. It’s this fun free program that helps you rack up points on all your purchases, earn free samples, and even a bonus birthday gift. As my birthday was just over a week ago, I was all too eager to see what this year’s gift would be. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a Fresh mini lip duo! Almost as a nod to the 80’s trend, the packaging has Sugar Kisses printed on it, a lyric from the popular “Lips Like Sugar” song of that era. After trying this mini lip duo, I found that the color goes on as a nice rosy tint and the balm helps keep lips moist. Surprisingly, the sweet scent of the balm also reminds me of summers spent on the Adriatic Coast with hints of surf and sun.


Beauty Review: MAC Viva Glam

On a recent trip to the Times Square MAC store, one product that really caught my eye was the Viva Glam Nicki Minaj Pink lipstick. This lipstick shade is brighter than most shades I typically use, but I just couldn’t resist trying it. Plus, with all the bright and neon colors around this Spring, the Nicki Pink fits perfectly with the trends of the season. It was just the thing I needed to spice up my make-up routine. So how good is this product? At first, it goes on a little dry, but after adding a touch of gloss (my favorite gloss being C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint in Pink Mint) you’re good to go for hours. I found that the color is super long lasting, even after eating and drinking. Your gloss might fade but this lipstick color stays!

My Absolute Make-Up Must Haves

As I’m sure everyone has their own list of make-up must haves, I thought it would be fun to share mine. So, here are my top 5 products that have been in constant rotation in my make-up bag for literally years!

1. NARS bronzer in Laguna      My complexion is fairly light, so adding some bronzer is just the thing to pump up the color year round. It’s my go to bronzer that always goes on smooth and even has a subtle sparkle, leaving my skin looking luminous!

2. Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion      This has got to be hands down the best moisturizer for the face. Always smooth and never greasy, and best of all, leaves skin feeling refreshed.

3. Maybelline the Turbo Volum’ Express mascara    Never clumps and always extends lash length adding plenty of volume.

4. MAC lipsticks    Of all the lipsticks I’ve tried, I’ve stayed with these the longest. Always smooth and fun to mix colors. My fav color being Faux, an awesome neutral that I sometimes mix with shades of red to punch up the color.

5. C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint in Pink Mint    Best lip gloss ever! Comes in lots of shades that mix well with lipsticks, or looks great on its own. As an added bonus, it even has a yummy mint flavor that keeps breath fresh too!

So what’s everyone think of my list and what are some of your fav products?