NYC Shopping Hot Spots: Part 3 SoHo

Several of my previous posts centered around one common theme, shopping in the city. While there are endless options to choose from, there are only three that I keep coming back to time and time again. So the neighborhood that makes the cut to conclude my series of New York shopping hot spots is SoHo. Yes, I know the area may have become very touristy in recent years, especially the main stretch on Broadway, but go beyond the beaten path through the little side streets and you are sure to find hidden treasures. Along with the established brands and luxury designer labels, SoHo has many charming shops and cozy cafes to discover and is a great place to wonder around while exploring the city.

Historically unique architecture is part of SoHo’s charm

A few of my favorite SoHo boutiques are Rebecca Taylor, Isabel Marant, and beauty shop Sabon. So that’s my summary of New York’s best shopping… for now…

…I’m constantly on the look out for the latest retail finds in the City that Never Sleeps!



2 thoughts on “NYC Shopping Hot Spots: Part 3 SoHo”

  1. Sabón is a great place. It’s the spot for a quick ‘handwashing’ with their fabulous scrubs and soaps. Thanks for sharing! All the best!

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