A Fresh Look

I’m kind of obsessed with beauty products. Which is why, Sephora is one of my favorite destinations for many of the cosmetic brands I absolutely adore. So, of course I signed up as a Beauty Insider. It’s this fun free program that helps you rack up points on all your purchases, earn free samples, and even a bonus birthday gift. As my birthday was just over a week ago, I was all too eager to see what this year’s gift would be. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a Fresh mini lip duo! Almost as a nod to the 80’s trend, the packaging has Sugar Kisses printed on it, a lyric from the popular “Lips Like Sugar” song of that era. After trying this mini lip duo, I found that the color goes on as a nice rosy tint and the balm helps keep lips moist. Surprisingly, the sweet scent of the balm also reminds me of summers spent on the Adriatic Coast with hints of surf and sun.


9 thoughts on “A Fresh Look”

  1. Lisa,
    I too am a fan of Sephora, if you couldn’t already tell by my post from today! lol. Anyways- I also was a lucky winner of the Fresh lip balms. They are fabulous!! 🙂 I also have a red one and it’s tinted! xoxo

  2. I received the Rose one in my Birchbox but it melted and broke in half :/ I liked the color it gave my lips but not sure I want to buy it if it’s just going to break on me

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