Sweet Indulgence

Sweet Crepes

Every now and then we need a little something sweet to indulge in. My ultimate sweet of choice is crepes or palacinke in Croatian, preferably with Nutella and strawberries. My sweet tooth always seems to crave anything chocolate. On a rainy day a couple of weekends ago my sister and I tried making my family’s recipe for crepes. The result was delicious, but the presentation still needs a little work. If you happen to be in New York and want a crepe experience with fabulous flavor and stylish presentation head over to Omonia Cafe. This European style cafe with specialty desserts is sure to please any crowd. The Mediterranean ambience almost makes me feel like I’m in a cafe somewhere on the riviera. Omonia Cafe has two locations at 32-20 Broadway, NY (Astoria, Queens) and 7612 Third Ave. Bayridge, NY (Brooklyn). Pictured above is my crepe from a recent trip to the Astoria location.


11 thoughts on “Sweet Indulgence”

  1. J’adore les crepes 🙂 There is this nice restaurant in Paris that serves amazing crepes too.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. x

    Ps; Scanning through your blog 🙂

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